Liquid Acid Zap™ Instantly Reduces Acidity In Foods & Beverages Drop By Drop!

Buy the 8 oz bottle of Acid Zap™ for $24.95 each and receive a 2 oz. bottle of Acid Zap™ for each order. A $14.95 Value!

Acid Zap™  • Liquid  • All-Natural  • Gluten Free  • Patented Formula!

Nutritional Facts

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Nutritional Information

Patented, liquid Acid Zap™ is specially formulated to “zap” the acid right out of many foods and drinks prior to consumption. It is comprised of 100% all natural ingredients. Acid Zap™ is also Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free and Free of Preservatives. Now that’s really something to smile about!

Ingredients: Water, sodium bicarbonate, vegetable glycerine, xanthan gum.

Using Acid Zap™

Acid Zap™ is easy to use and results are instant! Simply mix in drop by drop when served to juices, coffee, soups, tomato products, salad dressings and salsa to mention a few. Adjust the amount added until you are satisfied with the acidic level of what you are consuming. When using  Acid Zap™ in your recipe, begin by adding approximately 1 tsp. Acid Zap™ to every quart (32oz) of your recipe. Whether using Acid Zap™ when served or in your recipe, adjust the amount of Acid Zap™ to taste as the amount of acidity in foods vary.

Try Acid Zap™ With…

Coffee & Tea • Fruit & Vegetable Juices • Spaghetti Sauce • Chili & Tomato Soup • Salsas & Dips • Pizza & Pasta • Carbonated Beverages • Red & White Wines • Bloody Mary & Margaritas…

And so many more of your favorite foods and beverages — and experience results you have to taste to believe!

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