Liquid Acid Zap™ Instantly Reduces Acidity In Foods & Beverages Drop By Drop!

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Acid Zap™ Testimonials

I suffer from interstitial cystitis. A bladder condition that is greatly affected by acid foods. I have tried Acid Zap™ and have found it to be very helpful! I am enjoying acidic foods again!


Lisa B.

Hamden, CT

IC NetworkPatients with interstitial cystitis struggle with often extreme acid sensitivity. Thus, IC patients often must avoid foods that they used to enjoy, such as coffee, tea, soda or pasta. Acid ZapTM is a wonderful product that helps patients eat some of these foods again. The IC patient greatly appreciates any company that takes a strong interest in helping restore the quality of life and simply daily enjoyments. The Interstitial Cystitis Network is the largest patient support group in the world, rated the most reliable and accurate website in research studies conducted by Harvard Medical School and the University of London.


Jill Osborne,

founder and president; IC Network Healdsburg, CA

I have a gastric acid hypersecretory condition which does not permit indigestion of certain high acidic foods or drinks. As a clinician, I decided to try Acid Zap™ 2 years ago to help reduce the acid content in foods.

Acid Zap has exceeded my expectations in terms of the speed with which acidic foods and drinks can be neutralized for consumption. I was thrilled when a drop of Acid Zap™ in salsa allowed me to eat it again!


Nancy A

Pittsburg, TN

On occasion I have suffered from esophageal reflux after eating tomato soup, or other highly acidic foods.

I recently discovered that just a few drops of Acid Zap™ effectively lowered the discomfort of eating my favorite foods. I can now eat anything I like without worrying about the consequences.


Laura C.

Mayfield Heights, Ohio

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